Royalty checks sent today

I am very proud to be sending 43 royalty checks to contributors of "Living and Sustaining a Creative Life" today for the fourth year in a row. It is a small check, but the point is to pay contributors by sharing the royalties. And every contributor retains his/her own copyright, which is rare in publishing of anthologies. I'm hoping by these actions other editor/authors will insist upon these requirements for their contracts to change the way in which contributors are compensated. 

Thanks to all of the contributors to both of my books for their generosity of sharing their perspectives and stories. Next year, I'm proud to say, I'll be sending out 87 checks (total contributors to both books). And in 2020, royalty checks will be written to even more contributors. I am thrilled to do this! And I actually love writing out the checks: it's like sending letters. It's a powerful physical statement that we can share both symbolic and physical profits.