Conversation Tour Videos

The Artist as Culture Producer:
Living and Sustaining a Creative Life

Edited by Sharon Louden
Published by Intellect Books
Distributed by University of Chicago Press

102 events for the book book tour were held all across the country and abroad from March 2, 2017 through June 4, 2018. Please visit our calendar!

Below are a six selected videos compiled from the tour. At the bottom of the page is a continuous nine hour video of all six stops, back-to-back.

Sharon Louden, Hrag Vartanian, Julia Kunin & Ian Condry
MIT List Arts Center Cambridge, MA
March 7, 2017

Sharon Louden, Hrag Vartanian, Courtney Fink & Edgar Arceneaux
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
Los Angeles, CA
April 13, 2017

Sharon Louden & Hrag Vartanian Toowoomba City Library
Toowoomba, Australia
April 22, 2017

Sharon Louden, Shinique Smith, Morehshin Allahyari, Jean Shin & Sara Reisman
8th Floor - Rubin Foundation
New York, NY
May 11, 2017

Sharon Louden & Wendy Red Star
Duluth Art Institute
Duluth, MN
September 8, 2017

Sharon Louden, Hrag Vartanian & Matthew Deleget
Ketchikan Public Library
Ketchikan, AK
April 9, 2017

Video documentation of the six stops above
9 hours, 18 minutes, 25 seconds

Stop #5: MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA, March 7, 2017
Stop #27: Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles, CA, April 13, 2017
Stop #31: Raygun Lab, Toowoomba City Library, Toowoomba, Australia, April 22, 2017
Stop #36: The 8th Floor, New York, NY, May 11, 2017
Stop #49: Duluth Art Institute, Duluth, MN, September 8, 2017
Stop #96: Ketchikan Public Library, Ketichikan, AK, April 8, 2018